From our legally filed founding statutes:

“TOKA: The Organization to Conserve the Albanian Alps,” is an Albanian non-profit organization comprising experts and non-experts, local and foreign, who share the goal of preserving and promoting the environmental health and societal well-being of the area of Northern Albania commonly referred to as the Albanian Alps, focusing on but not limited to legally protected areas.

Recognizing the intertwined nature and effects of environment, economy and governance, TOKA, in order to fulfill in the best way possible the goal of preserving and promoting the well-being of this area, involves itself in any situation where either an opportunity for, or a threat to, the area is perceived, and may engage in the following activities, among others: participation in or initiation of projects related to environment, education, infrastructure, research, civil society representation, marketing and publicity campaigns, legal actions, lobbying, and assisting in management of protected areas.

TOKA pursues funding opportunities, whether through grants or direct donations, in order to promote positive and sustainable development of the area, education, marketing and publicity, infrastructure development and research. In the field of environmentalism, TOKA works in partnership with local, national and international stakeholders to protect, monitor and manage the natural resources of the area.  In the area of economy TOKA works to create and promote sustainable growth and improvements in tourism, rural agriculture and needed infrastructure.  To address civil society and governance issues, TOKA acts as a representative body for concerned stakeholders including those active in areas of environmentalism, protected areas management, local inhabitant rights and interests, transhumance, tourism and cultural activities.  Providing a strong civil society voice, the TOKA is prepared to promote and defend stakeholder interests in the media, through legal activities, or by performing any form of representative function.