Western Balkans Fund

The Fund’s main objective is to boost cooperation between its members, to strengthen relations and regional cohesion, to advance integration into the European Union.

It will be done by promoting common values among citizens, civil society and regional actors, by strengthening and providing a concrete approach at the “people-to-people” level.

The Fund aims to achieve these goals by supporting common regional projects and by bringing people to share mutual experiences and be aware of values, traditions and culture of their respective countries.

The process of preparation and implementation of projects by regional actors, representatives of civil society, business community and local institutions will serve to increase the capacityfor larger and more complex projects in the future.

WBF will finance small and medium projects with the main objective of increasing regional and cross-border cooperation, and strengthening regional cohesion in these key areas:

  • Education and Scientific exchanges;
  • Cultural cooperation;
  • Cross-border and youth cooperation;
  • Sustainable Development;

In general, projects financed by the Fund will require co-financing commitment by the grant beneficiary and every project should require participation from at least three of the Western Balkans Contracting Parties.
The application for funding will be simple and accessible from a wide range of stakeholders aligning from individuals to youth organizations, regional civil society networks, academic and research institutes etc.