Milieukontakt Albania

Milieukontakt Albania has more than 14 years of experience working with civil society on environment, nature and sustainable development as well as with authorities dealing with these issues in Albania.

The long-term goal of previous and current Milieukontakt programs in Albania is “to develop a strong and democratically organized environmental NGO movement. This means a movement that has a high visibility in society, is able to raise public awareness and is capable of playing an important role in policy- and decision-making processes, on a local, national and international level”

In all programs Milieukontakt Albania conducted, three elements were leading: building capacities, involving citizens and solving environmental problems. We provided training, coaching, support and advice for organization working for sustainability. We stimulated and supported the involvement and empowerment of citizens and developed processes of participative strategy development and decision making. We connected these processes to concrete solutions for environmental problems. Expertise of Milieukontakt Albania includes not only supporting truly bottom up processes but also expert knowledge on a variety of environmental topics and on environmental laws.