Workshop: Participation in Environmental Decision-making

2018-04-16 - 2018-04-18 All day

As part of the Visegrad-funded project “Rural Community Engagement: A Voice for Tropoja,” TOKA is pleased to host the second event, a 3-day workshop from 16-18 April: Civil Society involvement in Environmental Decision Making.

Mr. Igor of Bankwatch will travel to Albania to lead the workshop which invites 10 local community organizers from around Tropoja to learn about strategies to ensure participation in environmental and development decision making.

The workshop will include a 1 day information session (to be held at TOKA’s office in Bajram Curri), followed by two days of field work in local communities affected by environmental decision-making.

Contact to sign up or Genti Hajdarmataj on facebook to sign up to participate.