Press Release

Tropoja, 22 October 2021

Our Ongoing Battle to See Enforcement of the High Court Decision for HPP to Stop all Operation

No one thought that a small rural community would have an easy time stopping one of the most powerful Oligarchs in Albania.  But the burning question now is:  Is the government on the side of the people, or on … Read the rest

Press Release

Tropoja, 8 October 2021

We believe that the ongoing ‘deployment’ of hydropower on the Valbona River is not only an environmental issue, but is at base a key and crucial issue of Human Rights.

Human Rights – Rule of Law – Access to Justice

Access to justice is a central right according to EU law. If you do not have … Read the rest

Will Tropoja Bailiff Eduart Mrishaj succeed in shutting down Valbona Hydropower?

On 21 July 2021, the High Court of Albania overturned earlier decisions of the first instance administrative court and administrative court of appeals.  A panel of 3 judges unanimously voted to approve the request filed in May 2017 by TOKA and 27 local inhabitants to grant an interim stop work order.  The request was filed in conjunction with the “… Read the rest