TOKA & 27 Inhabitants vs. KKT

On Wednesday, 21 March at 13:30, there will be the final court hearing in TOKA & 27 inhabitants vs. KKT, the suit in which we challenge the government’s decision in November 2017 to issue a new construction permit for the Dragobia Energy Hydropower plant constructions.

The hearing on Wednesday will have the final formal presentation of the arguments, and should see debate going back and forth, so a good day for Valbona supporters to come to court and be present.  The final decision will probably not be presented on Wednesday, but it could be.

People attending previous hearings feel that so far “our side” has made really strong arguments which KKT wasn’t really able to answer.  So, if the system is functioning, it looks like there is a chance for a win for Valbona.

Tirana Administrative Court of First Instance is on Rruga Don Bosko.

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