Activity 3: Study Trip

Originally this activity was planned as a trip for Tropojans in order to gain inspiration and practical insight on the experience of communities in V4 countries who have succeeded in putting in place sustainable, community-based development models. Unfortunately, because of Covid restrictions, it was not possible to travel from Albania. Instead, a series of alternative projects were adapted, to allow more focus on sustainable development issues in Tropoja. These included:

1. Creation of a 3 minute video spot, highlighting local communities’ development challenges and desires, as well as the strong national and international coalitions that were built through this project!

2. A training on V4 sustainable businesses by V4 partner People in Need Slovakia was offered in July 2021, as part of the week-long Students for Rivers Camp and Affected Communities Conference organized as part of Activity 13 within this project. V4 experts focussed on presenting communities which have shown innnovative capacity to develop their region in a sustainable way, creating new livelihood opportunities. More than 30 regional community members, as well as 20 Albanian university students participated.

PiN Expert Andrij Dichťaruk leads sustainability breakout group

3. During the conference, interviews were collected from members of 7 communities, with video footage being used in the video above, as well as in the community profiles created as part of the Story Map made as part of Activity 5.

In English
In Albanian