Visegrad 2.0 : Question and Answers!

If you don’t see your question feel free to email us:  We will answer what we can, and ask our V4 partner for her opinion as well, then reply directly to you as well as add your question to the page.

Community Based Tourism and Agriculture : Activity 1

Q:  “Is there a fair trade wholesaler active in Albania?”

A:  (from Gyorgyi, our V4 partner) Without checking I believe there is no wholesaler buying from producers in Albania.  The wholesalers are mostly working in developing countries in the 3rd World (parts of Africa, Asia, etc).  BUT there is a huge interest among developed (for example EU) countries’ producers and the local certification is growing.  Albania is not in the 3rd World and also not a developed country, so this is a more difficult situation.

But there is a process how to bring fairtrade to Albania. Maybe we can have a call among us to talk about it in more detail.  Then I can share all my contacts with you and send out an email to fairtrade bodies to start the negotiations.

Q:  If I am growing something, how do I apply to be certified as a fairtrade producer?  Is it only through FLOCERT, or are there other organizations?

A: (TOKA)  To be formally certified you can contact FLOCERT through their website:  On this page you will see they give an email, and welcome people to contact them.  If you need help with this, you can visit our office and we can help you write to them.

(TOKA)  If you are interested in fair trade, and want to be part of the network, you can also join WFTO which you can see here: I don’t think this means that you are allowed to use the fairtrade logo on your produce however.

Q:  If I am a member of WFTO, can I use the fairtrade logo on my products/business?

A:  (from Gyorgyi, our V4 partner) You have to go through the qualification process.  At the end, after acceptance by WFTO you can use the WFTO logo on your product / business. 

Q:  Is the process of becoming registered expensive?

A: (TOKA)  There is a fee calculator to join WFTO here:  

Q:  Does there need to be a community of fairtrade producers in order to receive the community benefits (funds returned to the community), or is this possible even if there is only one producer?

A:  (from Gyorgyi, our V4 partner)  Usually a community is required.  The final decision is by the certification organization.

Q:  What is the fastest way of finding any fairtrade companies near me?

A: (TOKA) We found the “Fairtrace” website that FLOCERT operates, but I think you can only access it if you are a registered fair trade company?

A:  (from Gyorgyi, our V4 partner)  You can contact FLOCERT directly.  For the WFTO organization, you can check on their website here:’-directory

Q:  I have an idea for a sustainable agriculture business.  Can I talk to you about it?

A:  There is an upcoming activity in this project is to support people with business ideas.  The best way to get really good advice about your business idea is to participate in this activity.   Contact us at if you would like to participate in this training.

Also – Later (probably in July), we will also support 2 local people to be experts in business advice.  If you contact us, we can let you know when these people are working, and they can talk to you personally about your idea.