How to Request Information in Albania – easier than you think!

Tuesday, 6 October 2020

Since Sept 1, 2020, massive dump trucks have been removing sand from 8 km of Valbona River, from Bujan to Gashi.  They are doing this to deliver thousands of tons of sand to the new “Brecani ROSP” hydropower in Gashi Valley, where there is the UNESCO world heritage forest and strictly protected area.  Please note that people working on site say it is a Gener 2 project.  Not surprising since Brecani works for Gener 2.

As we know, they have no permission for this work, which has turned the blue water of Valbona grey, damaging a huge stretch of river.

We are gathering as many people as possible to file requests for information about this all in the same week.  You can fill out and send one of these too!  It’s fast and easy – shouldn’t take much more than half an hour.

The Strategy:

If a lot of people all request information within a few days – let’s say the same week:

  1. The government agencies contacted have to recognize that this is an important issue, which cannot be ignored.
  2. They have to acknowledge publicly that work is being done without permission, and take action to stop it.
  3. Many people standing up together cannot all be targeted for harassment, so everyone is safe.
  4. A large scale action will get media attention.

You can read more about the strategy here

This is the first time we use this strategy, but we plan on doing this more often in the future.

What to Do:

Download the prepared Request for Information form here.

Here’s the translation of what you’re asking for!

Print the form. Or, if you have an electronic signature, maybe you can fill it in with a pdf editor?

At the top, fill in your name, postal address, email address and telephone number, then put the date and sign it.  If you don’t have email, change “Forma qe kerkohet” from “Elektronike” to “me poste”.

You will also need a copy of your identification (id or passport).

Now you need to send it in:

a. If you want to send by email:  Scan the request and your identification.  If you don’t have a scanner, you can use your smart phone.  This app is good: Then just email the request and your id to the addresses below. Don’t delete the email, and this is your proof that you sent it.

b. If you want to send by post:  Make two copies of the letter and your id, and you will need envelopes.  Send one copy to each of the addresses below. When you take to the post office, make sure you send it registered, and keep your receipt with the tracking number of the letter, next your copy of the letter. This is your proof that you sent it. If you are in Tropoja, you can come to TOKA office and we can help you.

c. If you are in Tirana and want to deliver by hand, bring two copies of the letter and your id and make sure you get a protocol number when the document is registered.  Keep one copy! This copy with the protocol number stamped on it is your proof that you sent it.

d. Where are you sending it?  Just sending to AKM (the National Environmental Agency) is enough. But if you like you can send to all of the below:

I. National Environmental Agency [AKM]

Adresa:               Rruga “Sami Frasheri, Nr. 4, Tirane

II. Ministry of Tourism and Environment

Adresa:           Bulevardi Dëshmoret e Kombit, Nr.1, 1001, Tiranë

III. Ministry of Internal Affairs

Adresa:           Bulevardi Dëshmorët e Kombit, Tiranë 1000

IV. Inspectorate of Environment


V. Agency for Water Basins [AMBU]


VI. National Agency for Natural Resources [AKBN]

Adresa:           Bulevardi “Bajram Curri” Blloku “Vasil Shanto”, Tiranë

VII. Regional Department of Environment “DRM” – Kukesi

Adresa:            Lagja e Re, prane Drejtorise se Sherbimit Pyjor,Kukes

That’s it!  Of course if you are confused, you can contact us:

Tel:      067 30 14 638
FB:      @TOKAValbone

Once you have sent, sit back and enjoy imagining the government offices scrambling around, as dozens of requests come in, from all over the country, and including from famous people.  They have to answer each request within 10 days.

Let us know what happens!!!! Especially if they don’t answer you in 10 working days. Then you get to complain to the Commissioner for Information!

We will be really happy to hear from you, even just to know you sent something.  If you like us to contact you directly in the future about other similar campaigns, please send a message to the contacts above.  THANK YOU!

We will be posting all the results of these actions, at every step, here on the website.