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22 February 2018 (live): Irreparable Damage: Valbona River under Threat (

5 February 2018: Activists Defending Valbona are Sued by HPP Concessionaires (BIRN,

20 December 2017: Business That is Stealing Rivers (Elementi i Peste, TVSh)

20 December 2017: Morning Guests – Gentjan Hadarmataj (Radio Televisor Kosove)

20 December 2017: The American of Tropoja Appeals to Albanians:  Challenge the Government, Save Valbona! (

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18 November 2017: Livestream from Tirana Protest to Protect Valbona  (Deutsche Welle)

17 November 2017: Is Valbona Valley Being Destroyed by Hydropower? (Ore Shtate ne Klan Kosove)

14 November 2017: National Territorial Council Approves New Projects, Including Hydropowers (

13 November 2017: The Allure and Perils of Hydropower (UnDark)

11 November 2017: This is how Valbona is Being Destroyed in Albania (KultPlus)

8 November 2017: Legendary Valbona . . . Forced into Tubes and Tunnels (Tema)

6 November 2017:  WWF: Court Decision for HPP Threatens Biodiversity in Valbona (

4 November 2017: Strong Reaction Against Hydropower in Valbona (Gazeta Express)

4 November 2017: Hydropowers Slaughter Valbona (

4 November 2017: Adria Expresses Regret for Permission of Hydropower Plants in Valbona (Ekonomia Kosove)

4 November 2017: Construction of Hydropower Plants in Valbona is Opposed (

4 November 2017: Opposition to the Construction of Hydropower Plants in Valbona Valley National Park (

3 November 2017: The Courts are also Anti-Valbona (Klan TV)

3 November 2017: Hydropowers in Valbona are Not Stopped: Court Denies Locals (Rilindja Demokratike)

3 November 2017: Court Denies the Lawsuit of Locals Against Hydropower in Valbona National Park (

3 November 2017: Administrative Court Denies the Suit of Locals Against Hydropowers in Valbona National Park (Voice of America – Albania)

3 November 2017: Court Hearing – Court Allows Construction of Hydropower, Locals Protect Valbona with Tears (Ora News)

3 November 2017: The American Disappointed by Justice Appeals to US Ambassador Lu:  Help Me Protect Valbona! (Channel One)