#MosMaPrekValbonen Video Installation

On 24 May, 2018, the Valbona River travels to Tirana’s Skenderbeg Square to protest ‘in person’ what is being done to her. Video artists Klodi Dedja and Andi Tepelena have designed a video installation extravaganza, and will project the river and her sounds onto the enormous main square and public space of Tirana. The square will be surrounded by 100 blue “sirens” – indicating that the river is in emergency, and it will be possible for the public to sign on to TOKA’s petition with a live projection of the petition on the National Historical Museum facade.

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  • 2018-09-24 All day

    Every year, the European Green Belt Initiative celebrates the Green Belt Day on the 24th of September on the occasion of the official foundation of the European Green Belt Association in 2014. The Green Belt Day takes place in many different locations along the European Green Belt to celebrate its biological diversity and cultural heritage. The main aim of the event is to increase the public awareness and knowledge about the European Green Belt Initiative and its goals as well as to improve the cross-border exchange and cooperation.

    In 2018, ERA and EuroNatur are going to celebrate the European Green Belt Day 2018 in the border area of Prokletije, Bjeshket e Nemuna and Albanian Alps.