The Hydropower Fight

In January 2016, local people learned of the plans to build as many as 14 hydropower plants along 30km of Valbona River, 8 of them wholly within the National Park.

The procedure and content of the projects’ environmental impact assessments demonstrate non-transparent decision making, disregard for local communities’ well-being and indifference towards high conservation value ecosystems, including a complete disregard of the fact that the development is occurring in a protected area.

If even one of these projects is realized, it will seriously impact and potentially destroy the tenuous ecosystems of this national park and compromise the purpose of a protected area as an ‘extremely valuable conservation area set aside to protect large-scale ecological processes, species and ecosystems characteristic of the area, which also provide a foundation for sustainable development’.

Therefore, for the past 14 months, much of our lives has been devoted to fighting these projects, and we anticipate filing a law suit in Albanian Adminstrative Court in April, 2017.

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Many, many thanks are due to WWF, who have been a tremendous support and partner.