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May 21 - May 27
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    #PoFletValbona Po Feston

    19:00 -23:00

    Friends and supporters of Valbona! Tuesday 22nd May at 19:00 you are invited at Destil Hostel for the screening of the documentary “Fifth element” and for presenting new events to come! Most importantly, we want to gather and celebrate the campaign #PoFletValbona#!

    Miq dhe mbeshtetes te Valbones! Te marten date 22 Maj ora 19:00 ju presim ne Destil Hostel per shfaqjen e dokumentarit Elementi i Peste dhe ngjarje te tjera qe po vine! Mbi te gjitha ju presim te mblidhemi dhe te festojme se bashku fushaten #PoFletValbona#

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    #MosMaPrekValbonen Video Installation

    18:00 -23:00

    On 24 May, 2018, the Valbona River travels to Tirana’s Skenderbeg Square to protest ‘in person’ what is being done to her. Video artists Klodi Dedja and Andi Tepelena have designed a video installation extravaganza, and will project the river and her sounds onto the enormous main square and public space of Tirana. The square will be surrounded by 100 blue “sirens” – indicating that the river is in emergency, and it will be possible for the public to sign on to TOKA’s petition with a live projection of the petition on the National Historical Museum facade.

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    Photography Workshop : "Voice for Tropoja" Rural Community Engagement

    All day

    15 members from rural communities affected by environmental degradation in the municipality of Tropoja will learn how they can document opportunities for sustainable livelihoods identified in the previous workshop for the purpose of promoting and pursing their model of sustainable development, as well as for raising awareness of the eventual negative impact of environmental decisions.  The training will be led by a local photographer / campaigner, and two Visegrad colleagues from Polish Green Network.

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    Photography Workshop : "Voice for Tropoja" Rural Community Engagement - Day 2

    All day

    Second day!

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