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    13:30 -15:30
    In November 2017, TOKA and 27 local inhabitants filed suit in the administrative court of Tirana against the National Territorial Council (KKT) charging that the issuing of a new construction permit in November 2017 for the Dragobia Energy ShPK hydropower constructions in Valbona Valley National Park were in direct conflict with the law on Protected Areas which entered into force in June 2017.  The new law clearly states that hydropower are forbidden in a National Park.
    The hearing takes place at the Tirana Administrative Court of First Instance, Rruga Don Bosko.
    In this session the arguments of both sides will be delivered in written form, which should be the final process of the suit.
    This suit also argues that not only was the issuing of the Construction Permit illegal, but that KKT has signally failed in their mandate to administer responsible development.
    It seems that TOKA lawyers Kalo & Associates will produce a written document that should serve as a strong reference for other environmental causes around Albania.
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    17:00 -20:00

    Albania celebrates Earth Hour by turning something ON – We are grateful to Komuiteti Kafe Museum in Tirana for hosting a screening of the Elementi i Peste Video “Business is Stealing Rivers.”  We hope to also screen our new short video responding to Gener-2’s promotional video for hydropower in Valbona (assuming we finish it in time).

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    All day

    As part of the Visegrad-funded project “Rural Community Engagement: A Voice for Tropoja,” TOKA is pleased to host the first event on 27 March: the Sustainable Livelihoods Workshop.

    Ms. Dana Marekova, a lawyer and campaigner cooperating with People in Need, Slovakia,  will travel to Albania to lead the workshop which invites 25 people from communities around Tropoja to learn about how to create and document their own sustainable development visions.

    The workshop will result into a draft sustainable development plan, which over the following 10 months will be completed to create the first ever locally produced development plan for this community.