Thank you all!!!

Thank you to everyone who has already helped by filling out and sending requests for information!  We think it will be great if people continue sending them all next week (Monday – Friday).  We have found out that it does NOT matter if you are outside of Albania, or even if you are not an Albanian citizen – they will answer you anyhow!  So let’s keep them busy, doing their job 🙂  Maybe they were sad before no one was asking for information, and now they feel very happy? (ha ha). Anyhow – we are already getting some answers, and it is VERY interesting – when you get your answers you will see!  This means that our next step is very clear, and on Monday, when we have the document ready to follow up we will post it on the website, so that everyone who sent a request can follow up, with the next step to protect Valbona (and Gashi) Rivers!  We will also post the responses that TOKA has already received, so you can check if it matches what you are told.  I am especially interested to know if the people who asked for documents to be sent through the post are getting the information they asked for (in the past, the government has told TOKA that they couldn’t afford to photocopy documents.  Pththth.)  FaxNews in Albania is following the story, so for sure this is getting national attention.  Yay! for forcing the system to work as it is supposed to!  You are all heroes.